The origin of birds Korea?! Hong Kong news “Prank” Title – Korea

September 19, 2011, news channel · YTN Korea, reported fossil footprints of the world’s oldest bird has been discovered in Chungcheong MichiHisashi same county.

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The 30th, “South Korea is whether also claims the origin of birds phoenix network?I’m told the title of the fossil discovery “of bird footprints of the oldest.Recognition “Korea steal the origins of history” and spread factors IyaKan emotion has also become in China.Phoenix network is a title of fossil news completely unrelated to in relation.

The fossil was discovered from the precipice of the permanent county.It is the world’s oldest fossil as footprints of birds.Fossil of the plant has also been discovered in the surrounding.The researchers commented that to have a great significance in climate research of the Korean Peninsula in prehistoric.

The fossils of dinosaur footprints have also been found from the precipice of another.Be of 100 million from 30 million to 100 million 40 million years ago, it is the oldest in Korea.In addition, fossil remains of the tail of the dinosaur is rubbed on the ground has also been discovered.Its length also extends to 3.6 m.And that it is extremely valuable discovery even in the world.(Translation and editing / KT)