Case multiple people using ’15 than contact lenses complain discomfort

Water to moisten the eyes (tears) decreases with aging.Of oil should keep the moisture also shortage ….The person that is hard to open your eyes you can Shoboshobo, I want you to doubt the first dry eye.40s that it is age that dry eye increases especially.The care method, or the symptoms?

Dry eye and that of a state in which the amount of tears, which cover the surface of the eye is reduced, vulnerable cornea is partially exposed.Yoshino Eye Clinic director Kenichi Yoshino, in some cases, it becomes easy to feel loss of visual acuity due to scratches on the cornea or disturbance of the layer of tears that “three-layer, and glare.In addition, it “also lead to congestion and sore eyes inflammatory component also joined, to worsen.

A decrease in hormone due to aging, tears will be hard to appear, such as the lacrimal “gland tissue” is atrophy at someone’s age “40’s.Such as protein and oil be included in the tears, oil has prevented the water evaporation on the surface of the eye, especially.However, since the supply “Meibomian glands” is likely to clog the oil with aging, which may lead to dry eyes further “(Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo Eye Clinic President Toda Ikuko)

In addition, this worry so certain for contact lens users in their 40s.

Cases that have discomfort during wear and the “veteran” are using contact lenses “for more than 15 years has increased.Surface of the cornea by the rough used for a long period of time, it can not be maintained properly moisture on the surface of the eye, there is a case to be dry eye “(Mr. Toda)

It is easy to feel when it is tired dry eye, but do not leave because it will also sign of the beginning of the aging.Dry eye syndrome measures’s common to refer to eye drops, but the computer screen it’s warm eyes or try to positional relationship such that below the eye line also effective.

When warm, such as a hot towel around the “eye, because the abnormal oil melts from the meibomian glands, replaces the normal oil, to prevent the evaporation of tears.In addition, the device can not open a large eyelid when you watch TV or using a PC.In addition, dry air will also be worried about the coming season.Do not apply to wet a towel hanger, and use a humidifier will also be dry eye syndrome measures “(Yoshino)

※ 13 Oct. 2011 Seven Women