“Throw away the iPad went with a business trip to China,” U.S. media is teaching safety of surprise – Chinese media

September 29, 2011, ring and ball time signal was me for a “aim demonization of China exaggerated = unholy U.S. media, the spy ability” of “China” article.

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The 27th, Washington Post announced “business travelers take extreme defensive measures in order to avoid cyber espionage in China,” the article.Warning better Will not you come with China is good laptop that important information is entered.It has posted comments to some security experts and “will to disposable to buy a new iPad every time you go to China”.

Toarashi is an expert in information safety issues (Dan run), who answer to the coverage of the ring and ball time signal, can not be explained technically cyber espionage in China, “Washington Post preach.Pointed out that “are too exaggerated the ability of China.It was argued, “the ability of the United States has overwhelmed other countries” and if spy ability.(Translation and editing / KT)