Agency to join his wife in “inspection trip” is director of the Urban Management Bureau, exposure net user – Jiangsu

September 29, 2011, the Director-General “Shiro-kan (Urban Management Bureau)” of Jiangsu Nantong Ocean safety Prefecture, sent her on behalf of his wife to tour is exposed to Internet users, it is a problem.Shinhana-mo was told.

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Writing, titled “amazing, Director Mrs.! Went to tour instead of the Commissioner Urban Management Bureau of the sea-discount” on the bulletin board of the local were received, I have discovered.The written by Internet users claiming to be “cold surface Yate 1”.Probably because “” Dear Director “was busy your, wife would came out to buy their own behalf.Added, “great, it is pointed out that referred to as the inspection was actually a complete tourism, and tongue-in-cheek.

Internet users who saw this intense reaction.Criticism is raised, but, “It only asked to arrange travel company from the relationship of the cost from the user found the officials in.Also voice to defend Mrs. also “are self-responsible for all costs.After all, finds the fact of “surrogate participation of Mrs.” but, it is assumed that “It was half in half tourist visits originally”, urban management station shows the attitude of no problem.(Translation and editing / NN)