Mizuho Securities, or 300 people offering voluntary retirement

Mizuho Securities, starting from October 2011, the recruitment of voluntary retirement of 300 people, representing about 5% of the number of employees to work in Japan.Nihon Keizai Shimbun of October 3, is reported.Mizuho Securities commented that “does not constitute an announcement from the Company”.Confirm or deny it has not been.

Sometimes harsh business environment due to the effect of stock prices worldwide that against a backdrop of recession observed in the U.S. economy and the European crisis, such as Greece financial problems, buy and sell orders for stocks and reduced.Number of employees of the company about 6300 people.And including natural attrition due to retirement, it is a policy to reduce by about 10% the number of employees in the country in the period ended March 31, 2000.

Consolidated bottom line of the April-June quarter 11 years of Mizuho Securities in deficit of 8.5 billion yen, it was a deficit in the third consecutive quarter.The company is scheduled to merge with Mizuho Investors Securities also fall ’12.

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