2 years from retirement gravure, Miu Nakamura is a gravure revival in “Weekly Playboy”.

Miu Nakamura of talent through is one of the “gateway to success for gravure idol” “Miss Young Magazine” the (Kodansha), was popular in gravure racy of exposure.2009, declare a gravure retirement at the young age of 18 still, it was sad a lot of fans, but such she has made magazine sale now a “revival” in the “Weekly Playboy”.

The listed on the magazine, gravure bag of binding that was billed as “” Idol of Legend “is Kisekinofukkatsu” and.Wear a small bikini, Nakamura is showing off in no way inferior and former gravure, a style distinguished.Is scheduled to be published video distribution site of gravure idol in “Rabudoru net”, currently “Nakamura Miu gravure back! Announcement” video making and state at the time of the photography “Resurrection” This, (http://lovedol.net/item/ It is published in the 2672 /).

In addition, the official blog, updated on October 3 photo entry of Nakamura he gets the “Weekly Playboy” and “resting”.Twitter also has announced the publication as “Weekly Playboy” to “Rabudoru net”.

Revival after a long time of 2 years, it is likely to be gravure fans can not miss.