Past, stimulant arrest talent S attend the wedding of close chairman and gangsters

The entertainment industry purification strategy by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.has surfaced among the “Marunouchi Special Victims Unit” is chasing a network of contacts Splendour of the entertainment world and the Yamaguchi-gumi system Wo Ryu-kai executive Mr. K under husband idle H, is a real estate company based chairman of Tokyo.Mr. K was causing the assaults against former chairman, but is also gorgeous entertainment industry network of contacts of this former chairman.

Big game legislator with experience in Chief Cabinet Secretary and serve as the go-between, wedding reception of famous mom of Ginza and former Chairman opened in 2005, was done on a scale of unusual.

The Gentlemen’s, it was something eminent women talent S that fuss the world in Stimulant Drug Control Law violations, regular actor T of V cinema, such as the original J-League and former professional baseball player, VIP entertainment and sports world is to align the face was.

2008, and since then the company went bankrupt former chairman is in debt of 10 billion yen in the wake of the tax-evasion case also, friendship and celebrity was followed.The M of the famous singer to be and famous vocalist G with a red and white participation experience, friendship with Mr. K said it was deep, figure that wild merrymaking in the exclusive club of such Kitashinchi of Osaka Roppongi or together also recently have been often witnessed.

“Former chairman was also the original Tanimachi-yokozuna Asashoryu.When I was drinking at a club in Roppongi a former leader of a motorcycle gang and Kanto Union is involved in management with one’s Asashoryu, it became the fuss Asashoryu to retire and hit the former leader morning.

You are approached casino and travel investment by collecting celebrity at home and condominium restaurant of its own in the Nishi-Azabu now.had a drink with former chairman is former member of A famous idol group when I visited “(acquaintance of Mr. K)

In addition, original and was arrested on suspicion of attempted extortion “Morning Musume.Ando positive 彦氏 is a lover of “member Kago Ai is also a familiarity with Mr. K and past president.Of course, close entertainer of Messrs. common many personal connections they are overlapping over and over again.

The intense pressure of the police, the entertainment industry’s defend one now.When the opening stop information of bank account of a major new production executive went through the industry, those who seriously scared the first time the police was not a few.

Etc. begin to consider the acceptance of new or expansion of the frame from the golden parachute “police, it’s so desperate that only you do not fogged sparks everywhere.Attitude of human television station that had felt reading this correctly Yosoyoso recently, siege is there while narrowing for sure seen in skin sensation “(entertainment professional stakeholders supra)

The push forward a large cry of Takaharu Ando-Director-General of the National Police Agency, the police authorities is seen as a short-term battle.This is because the term of office of the Secretary Ando is until March next year.Movement of the investigation team on which you want the results so far have been further accelerate.

※ 14 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post