Japanese was that?’s This?

10 children of Fukushima coverage of the thyroid was a little strange.Sad.Pitiful.Children who believed the adult, that you put in the eyes face and painful.Their parents would you feel.But, there are adult of Japanese who keeps saying “no big deal” and that this is also happening.The Japanese of what was originally of this?
 Story was actually in some city
 Staff of City Hall when I weighed the radiation dose of the city, dose rate near certain kindergarten was higher.He was at a loss.After the announcement from City Hall this number if it collapses kindergarten because Shisa-en, Soshitara will be held responsible to City Hall.So, I was supposed to be one that does not announced high dose that it is “safe”.
 Kindergarten collapse When you announced the dose of kindergarten.Kindergartener who does not know anything if you did not announce the dose of kindergarten sick.I will not hesitate to decide between them.Japanese now’s a “reputation of his pupils than sick”.Thus, the city does not publish the dose, the kindergarten does not collapse.Exactly, it’s population of adults to live at the expense of children.
 The Japanese do it was the people who like this for a long time! ! Oh! !