Joint party and fan, 40,000 handshake meeting …… man band back situation Iroquois business? Exchange events secondary

Led by AKB48, and handshake meeting event and the fan has become a staple of women when idle Momoiro Clover Z, and SUPER ☆ GiRLS to sell CD.At a time when CD sales are sluggish, it is being established as Commercial Code selling experience that can not be copied.Such flow, seems to be rampant among men band.

In addition to holding a joint party of three limited by lottery from three simultaneous form purchaser album “GO” of (ZAIN RECORDS), BREAKERZ, led by “DAIGO is, sell it with rewards including backstage invitation.In addition, solo project · Acid Black Cherry vocal · yasu of Janne Da Arc will hold a handshake meeting with 40,000 buyers a total of six of the 3rd album and single of five consecutive months release from September ” (Reporter of music magazine)

In addition, we held an event Sid visual kei band invited 6,000 people by lot from among the single buyer, that sit in the seat and a couple members you name each.CD seems to have record sales in excess of any previous work.

This Gojisei not sell the “CD, record companies are also seen in severe the commercial value of artists, there is also a possibility that the worst cut, the sales contract if the downturn.It could be helpful and on the way out the number of sales is broken the previous work in particular.Some bands that you can interact with fans actively live house to debut before, has increased the mobilization to go even when it is close to the “love affair business” Some of the visual system from band.Therefore, the contact with the fans resistance than small “and (the reporter)

To show gratitude to fans distance of artists and fans closer, the artist told me to buy a work is not the wrong thing.However, the current state goes according, it is possible that era legitimate evaluation of the work and sales do not match coming.Music industry has come to turn and delivery package sales of CD.Future, a time when only benefits this practice is a show one’s authority width …… I wonder come.

※ The image “GO” (ZAIN RECORDS)

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