Affair to destroy themselves? The double whammy to the Fukushima nuclear power plant based on public relations officer, Deputy NishiyamaHajime!

In an interview to the media about the Fukushima nuclear power plant, people remember the bureaucracy as a spokesman role, was the person at the time of a bound will often.The exposed at the news program for every day, it has became a celebrity, Mr. Hidehiko Nishiyama was Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (54). Released June 23 by the “Weekly Shincho”, Mr. Nishiyama was reported the affair allegations.According to the magazine, it is in the single women of METI officials, met in a bar in Tokyo hotel, then, partner, etc. kissed on the street late at night.It was reported that there was a close relationship from about a year ago and the woman. This causes, June 29, is dismissed a public relations officer at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, was taken off the NISA with Mr. Nishiyama.Then, and this has been the Secretariat with Deputy Chief Cabinet from July 15.Speaking with Secretariat, the window post de facto.Koga Shigeaki, who is in sync Nyusho Nishiyama said in ’80, had become a familiar television or the like as a reformist bureaucracy (56), was passed on to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Secretariat with, but the state is not given work after she was new, accept finally dehiring, was retired from the ministry in September 26.The situation is said to be completely different from Mr. Koga, dehiring to Mr. Nishiyama similar post also, no not say only a matter of time before. That he was hit by a double whammy further.As was inappropriate behavior, including physical contact multiple women and staff of the 30’s during working hours, the ministry discipline (October 1 to 31) suspended from office a month on September 30, Nishiyama Mr. I was in disposal.For this disposal, the ministry described as “act of violation of the duty of devotion, to discredit the civil service as a nation”.Between June from the end of March after the nuclear accident, Deputy Director-General in the Office of the Ministry, Mr. Nishiyama that had a hug and kiss and female staff.The woman is seen as the same person as the woman who was reported in the weekly magazine. In addition, Mr. Nishiyama in the October 4, received a light admonishment disposal now.This is a problem that country has requested a “fake” power company at a symposium of the nuclear power plant, the ministry was that there is an oversight responsibility to Nishiyama and colleagues.Nothing to do with infidelity this problem, Nishiyama, who received a disposition of two in quick succession is just having wounds all over one’s body. In the elite University of Tokyo Faculty of Law graduation, of Harvard Law School graduates, Mr. Nishiyama had been eye and permanent secretary candidate of future, big shadow is pointing to the future.Affair In a typical example, which destroy the body, the price seems enormously greater.Nishiyama, Deputy Director-General of the familiar neck with “women’s issues” in the (Kuramoto Eiji) ※ Related Articles primary conference! [also this article! else] Find yourself again before Prime Minister Kan Former teacher of … Miura SumeragiNaru license revocation is in association with the gang in the back of the announcement that married man who can be objective view of the plain-speaking 8 self Yamaguchi SatoshiTaro to pilgrimage to succeed