Attached declaration of Kumada Yoko, “role model” as expected! Delicious secret agreement of the office and TV

That currently, Yoko Kumada is a company employee dating men of the same age were reported released September 22 “Friday” in (Kodansha).And how to go home to home apartment Kumada and holding hands, Kumada himself that they are speaking with views of the marriage in the mother already certified.

“Ie-jin Lotta was” broadcast the 24th month Kumada himself positive dating news (Kansai), broadcast on the 2nd of this month, “Sunday Japon” in (TBS system) live further.”I’m an important person,” “now, it is a very important time,” said comments allude to marriage certainly was also seen.

However, even coverage and “not a dating relationship” in some sports newspaper.The agency officials is one of the good friend “relationship.And that was strongly denied and “There are no plans of marriage.

Will was called to announce on a TV show in for the “companionship, the secret agreement of the office side and program.It’s good evidence Kumada is has not yet mention lover blog, and that it is common in the entertainment industry actually.Exclusive live Gekishiro the truth of “devoted to the field of Sanjapo latte of the day! From certain, it’s helped to to spice up the program “is It is obvious.That said, I think that it was clearly lie with the official comments of the office and see if a little “(sports newspaper reporter)

Kumada side thing that I wanted to put on TV black and white dating.PR effect is higher than is published in the newspaper, the impact will also increase by reporting in the voice of the person.It is sometimes useful to be kind further office, perform this service to complaints of other companies is not recruited to one company monopoly.

Case in which case several impact and audience rating confession TV program “First of all, do a simultaneous press conference immediately after.It was a similar pattern marriage divorce conference Kiri Isono (currently Isono Chirico), Chiaki Hara marriage report, Kano Hidetaka recently.By doing this, tabloid show or sports newspaper the next day will be able to cover a story about equally, but it is how there is no way be said to be “race can” be from the general audience “(tabloid show desk)

For Kumada, a followup to their respective owners might be somewhat lacking because it had been in Suppanuka weekly suddenly.That said, it can be said that because the tactics of media and these offices have been made from my daily life, look better and vividly the way of the entertainment world, and companionship such as meaning “role model” in.It is because you want to celebrate the ending of dating Kumada itself such that the model.

※ The image is from Yoko Kumada official site

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