Statement to Obituary Samsung CEO, Mr. Jobs – How sales injunction of “iPhone 4S” will be?

Chejison Mr. Samsung Electronics CEO has issued a statement in response to the news of death of Steve Jobs of Apple former CEO.The day before, to the court of France and Italy, Samsung Electronics had a provisional disposition application for a sales injunction Apple has just announced the “iPhone 4S”.

Statement of Mr. Chejison’s what was presented in such a situation.The contents are as follows, according to the CNN.I think I thought sad to hear the news of the death of Steve Jobs, chairman of Apple, and want to send a sense of deep mourning we “Samsung Electronics.Jobs chairman was a great entrepreneur who brought the information technology industry a revolutionary change in the number of.Outstanding performance and innovative spirit of his will be remembered forever in people all over the world.In the patented technology of the mobile space, I think again, we would like to express a sense of memorial to his friends and family of Mr. Jobs “Samsung Electronics and Apple have been engaged in a fierce legal battle.The offensive of Apple, Samsung was forced to stop selling in some European Android device mainstay “Galaxy”.

It is said to be represent the “for Steve” iPhone 4S is.Chejison, who for the death of Mr. Jobs, commented that it wants to send a sense of deep mourning.gather attention to the whereabouts of sales injunction lawsuit of iPhone 4S.