Habit of only three that I want to know the anxious time of “money”

“Pension anxiety go through someone’s mind is not increased salary than I thought, considering that in the future” -.The 30’s now, many people have had such trouble.And parent generation, the 40’s, If you do not know a completely different “money” way of thinking, to regret the future! All four-part series from this time, and want to wear what the era of now, I will introduce the habit for 30’s of “money”.

“Salary does not increase”
“I do not know how much I get pension”
“In the future, educational expenses of the children seem to be able to take a significant amount”

The economic environment surrounding the 30’s now, opaque minute, about the future is very strict.

I’ve seen the household of 3,000 or more for more than 15 years as a (financial planner) FP.

Recently, “the future life I’m worried about, but I do not know is how can peace of mind how, if you rack up the money how much” – 30s eat has increased the anxiety about the future like this.

Under such circumstances, the past few years, are you feeling particularly strong, it is that “the 30’s, advice from a different perspective is necessary at all with bubble generation and the parent generation” and.

The story of money, corresponding to be taken in accordance with the changing times and economic environment will change.In this regard, 30s now, must not have not turned their eyes to the situation, which is located to the people of the generation of above very different.It is useless to have undergone truly advice from senior company of parents and in it.30s to dispel the “anxiety vague to the future”, it is based on the changes of the times, to wear a “habit that is saving money” in line with it is important.

In fact, in the world, there are people who practice that is saving money from the beginning is attached to the body.Those people, I do not even mean more revenue specifically, but it has a living to press the hallmark “life in the future, do not worry at all” and when viewed from my FP.

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