[Enta vitamin ♪ “I ate broccoli for five years”.Fujiwara’s license was super skinny because of the “people of longing!”

I was curious Kazuhiro Fujiwara (34) comedy duo, the license so thin To be disheartened recently.I have reported that the he had to challenge the body remodeling blog.Body’s tight by it he.What do you were in the mood him on earth.

Kazuhiro Fujiwara was seriously injured “left knee anterior cruciate ligament (human body) damage” in the accident during recording of the program in May this year.I was on TV with crutches figure also “Omakase! Akko in” quasi-regular TV for a while.there is no appearance of him in the same program by the time then, I got even crutches, sometimes only Imoto, Takashi partner had appeared.I was worried about such a thing, so followed, physical condition of Kazuhiro Fujiwara is not in Superior.

Kazuhiro Fujiwara that has appeared on “Omakase! Akko to” broadcast September 25, but he was skinny enough to look one size smaller face.It is was also felt as haggard pathologically because there is a image of the above-mentioned.

But he seemed to think it too.He is was reported that “six-pack abs plan came a long period of time is no longer” in the September 28 “of license Kazuhiro Fujiwara” naive Maru out “” blog.It seems challenged by dividing the abdominal muscle in the planning “of people yearning” of TV According to the information during this time, he published in blogs and Twitter.He began training from August are revealed also jazzed to see your abs in Zhongshan gold have a “abs of longing”.

Training seems to have been quite hard.He says the pain of dietary restrictions, “I feel that eating broccoli and white meat much the next five years is” the.I have size down each part of the body and is narrowed down along with the abdominal muscle in training this.Wrist so narrowed in particular, of the belt watch that has become too big.

Reporter saw in the “Omakase! Akko to” the other day, It was a figure of just before he has finished training.It’s looked skinny also rightly.That seems to be November 1, but his “abs cracked” is being broadcast, it’s that “I will be heard only” according to Fujiwara.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Maki Izumi)

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