and that [China] Chinese BBS is misunderstanding about Japan?

And misunderstanding of Japan seen around “to your bulletin board Baidu major Chinese search site?Thread, known as “was erected.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: it’ll let me say from my first heavenlyemyli.Classmate of the university, was not adamant in saying, “refers to an AV actress and actress all of Japan”.Some people think of the photograph of the kind that can not be shown to the child and say “Photo Album”.It is thought that a large number of people, Japan is to educate using the textbook right-leaning pretty ….


● “Japanese eat sashimi every day, do not eat raw fish other than” that’s Hoshimori militia also it is. (It seems that people who eat every day and not many)

● is a two-character Kanji all surname hiroshinanami Japanese ….Back of the Japanese is lower than the Chinese ….Is a city name and Hokkaido ….English Japanese is terrible ….

● people imitate that of China’s (imitation) I often all Japanese culture tut foam §. (I do not come true so in China Speaking of rip-off)

● Persons with snow lotus ~ ~ refers without studying Japanese, and it makes sense about it if you look at the Chinese characters. (Kanji meaning different from the Chinese a lot, too I there)

● zero myself Wu 幺貮 had thought it the nickname of the old days the “Kyoto” and “Tokyo” ….At the same, I thought the same men and women’s kimono ….

● “The Hokkaido that is a country of one” Sawamura Shuichi

● it that you think seaweed and 58 淘気 sushi that’s the same. (Seaweed is also no differences in the sushi, but many Chinese people seem to think you thing of sushi = seaweed)

● theory that is a new weapon to harm Japan Mangatoha Taoyuan Yue, the Chinese students.

● status of Ichitada Ebi餃 Japanese women is low, it is insult of that … I wonder if misunderstanding of Chinese?Japan women and not spend your time hanging out at work as I know that all of us.But the story I heard, marriage law in Japan such as’m closer woman.

● Many people Taoyuan Yue is thought to be a filthy story Tale of Genji.Such as I do not have artistry ….Not you able to understand what I may say ….

● Hihatekara Japanese architecture is a big mistake is that it is the architecture of the Tang Dynasty.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)