Nissan recovery ¥ 700 block, new plant in Brazil to invest 107 billion yen

Nissan continued to grow, I had recovered 700 yen level two since September.It was reported in some, and has announced Carlos Ghosn, president of the company, met in Rio de Janeiro State Governor’s Mansion in Brazil, and to build a small car plant by investing 2.6 billion Real (about 107 billion yen) in the province It seems to have been a clue material seen buying.

First, you have another to produce small cars and “March” was selling as “Sunny” in China “Versa” and, looking into employment of 2000 people in the new plant.

Stock prices of three companies leading car enters the afternoon session, slightly higher Toyota, Honda has been negative conversion, the rate of increase in Nissan stands out with more than 2% this day.(Editors: Yamada one)