Love warped parents who can not pet treats … Kobanare the children – China

September 30, 2011, Chona of Renmin University of China Department of Political Science (Jean-Min) Professor was published in the blog site NetEase Expo visitors an article entitled “children as pets”.Situation Kawaigari unduly children under the influence of the one-child policy, parents do anything for their children, can not Kobanare parent that seen in China.The following summary.

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Tendency to overly doting the child is growing in China in recent years.Such a parent is placed in the hand of his children forever, or doing take care of employment, you can find a marriage partner, to purchase up to a house if for Children.Do not worry if you do not put in a college performance of a child, even if bad, or alternatively, may be taken into a good college.Indifferent to the future of children, just, It’s a satisfaction in it if children live peacefully beside his.

For parents like this, Kobanare’s suffering the greatest.If the grown-up child if the move away from their parents, they ululation, ream and ungrateful child children.By Kokugaku boom in recent years, their parents such and just grabbed a new weapon further, “parents standing, Futo遊” says (child, if not have () will not play far if Mashimase parents “Confucius says to tie the child to say) “.

For the parent to be the heart and soul child, a thing called “parenting” they’ve been synonymous of “adopt a pet” in the sense that there is a thing.Too much to find the peace of Oyagako, spoiling too.But what children after the death of parents, spoiled I wonder should I?Even if parents had prepared everything in advance, if there is an unexpected situation, children who were raised that way, or will be able to support it?Of course, parents would not consider it until the former so much.Parent’s the big deal, it is not in front of the eyes now, only in the peace of your own.

At first glance, also like a parent-rich love to think for children, in fact, is the egoist.Rather than to the more wonderful the child’s life, the significance of their own, They’re doting children for themselves.(Translation and editing / Aki Wakabayashi)