[Enta vitamin ♪ “Be careful shit like that”.Go to the regular Friday Akimoto Sayaka is also good.Costume and Becky is to wear things from day one.

Responsible for day of the week has been moved to Friday this week from TV Sayaka Akimoto of AKB48 will serve as a regular in the “good laugh!”.Been pointed out the clothes from the opening of the first day, she’s had to be greeted in the dry to seniors.

By AKB48 Sashihara Rino of new members entered the Wednesday of this week in the popular show “good laugh!”, Akimoto Sayaka who was in Wednesday until it was moved to Friday.Cage is Becky of talent in the regular Friday, the form of W Idle’s pattern rare in the show.

Broadcast of October 7th is also a new start as a regular Friday for Akimoto.It’s Akimoto Sayaka which has appeared cheerfully enough yell from opening, but it was worrisome and is wearing a sweater of a different color star similar to Becky was designed.Two people, but he lined up on the stage without incident as it is.

Tamori moderator is to introduce “Akimoto was moved from Wednesday,” she greeted as a “thank you” cheerfully.Becky you were side by side was also gave a word of welcome to the “Welcome”.

But it was bad Tamori’s continued “We think that it will fight with Becky” on a similar note.”A little while ago,” there! Stars I’m wearing in the backstage theater company alone is subjected to it?I had started saying that it “was not dispute me”.Then, Becky is upon glared at Akimoto Sayaka “hey, ~! Be careful shit like that” and.

“Actually damage knit pullover of star pattern” seems prevalent in Japan from the fact that there are loyal international celebrities.It also considered the combined costume Akimoto Sayaka and Becky is to contact us in advance, but there’s quite possible it was ll turnip by chance.And it became to be in Akimoto Sayaka In any event “delicious” and debut Friday.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Maki Izumi)

· I had failed in an attempt to approach the talk of dialect Akimoto Sayaka, the Tamori.
• The “I like to Takeyama and Zakiyama”.I talk about the entertainer Becky pays attention.
· “New Iitomoseinentai noon boyz” makes its debut.Bitter baptism from senior Shingo Katori.
· Sashihara Rino was foretold in the blog “new regular containing also called”?
• The “more than” 10 spicy “in the” Kokoichi “”.The “people who quit is good” is also Tamori.hotness danger that TVXQ stick.
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