Murai Aiko – Lessons for huge system that Jobs showed us

For dramatic life and his product, unparalleled that Jobs has produced, and is told with words of remembrance by a variety of experts.I think I want to find and lessons learned his way of life, from the product that was produced.

Of its lessons, company organization’s that or should not accept a heresy more.When Mr. Jobs comeback to the CEO of Apple Inc., brink of collapse, significant organizational reform is carried out, the organization was transformed into a factory for the production of creating products of Mr..

The success of the iPod, be told the scheme was a vital.It is not only the device, you have created a (iTunes store) software platform of supply there is he great.That’s correct in the analysis business, but you think you’re forgetting the important one place.

First of all requirements for the platform to succeed,’s a spread of device.Recall that it was in when you purchased the iPod.I wonder purchased in because they “because available in seamless music from the iTunes store” really.And advanced design that can not be the language of the device itself that iPod, I would have been attracted to cool rather.Operation panel of the wheel shape is placed in the center, turning round and round with the thumb it, sound good feeling and to tick.
I wonder not of picked up the iPod is inspired to cool and form of the comfort.

The success factor of the iPod, is that it has created a product that combines the cool and if so.Rather than a product, it is a work of art.back of the iPod has become a mirror finish, it was the only craftsmen Japan the processing is able in the world.By artisans, and that had been finished by hand polishing each one.When it is “mirror finish, fingerprints or not than take?That was dismissed “fingerprint gets on, added,” I should wipe Mr. Jobs to those words “.It is a statement of the CEO not felt rationality at all when you see from the economic aspects, but if grasped as an artist, is inevitable be finished to the best of my works.It becomes, if a Japanese company, then the mirror finish fingerprints get, yet cost goes up by a craftsman finish by hand, it is looking for alternative absolutely.However, Mr. Jobs has turned out piece of art through the aesthetics of his thoroughly.And, fascinated by his work, consumer Would not had sympathized with Mr. Jobs as an artist.

And empathy, ie I is the emotion.Now that Mr. Jobs died, a memorial to him are being carried out all over the world.In front of the Apple store in Ginza, A lot of flowers are provided.Is it would not be a proof of which Mr. Jobs has been supported by the feelings of the people., Then the head of a large corporation of Japan might go away, photo of CEO will not be posted on the corporate site of their.Even more, it will unlikely the average consumer and visit the memorial service.

That it is the artist, is that heresy.Those advanced, cool things truly, the art works that cause innovation, not only in heresy when you see from the system of corporate.Imikirai such a thing advanced often, companies may attempt to eliminate.Even the Beatles, I was not deaf Mimuki from major record companies initially.With inspiration in their music, George Martin, which has been entrusted with the label is small and weak, he signed a contract, even while being a fool from the surrounding.If he had been drained in the opinion of the surrounding, then the would never see the light of day in this world of Beatles music.Either accepted or the maverick art with a sense or feeling that projects.I think it is a big problem in the organization of large companies in the future.Grandson president of SOFTBANK had the sense to accept the heresy, it is sold by exclusive contract iPhone in while being a fool from other carriers, it became a big hit and betrayed speculation passive ambient, SOFTBANK is a big success was.

The “Jobs, grandson president after the death of Jobs, was asked to comment was a genius of our time exactly you have to balance the technology and art.Whereas the comments managed to see through the essence “, day before president of SONY was achieved Because I do not have” factory.SONY really wanted to do, but it was difficult because it had a factory.I had to remarks misguided and “.This comment has vividly represents less than the recognition of innovation for Japanese companies.

Finally, from the speech was a gift from Jobs in the graduation ceremony at Stanford University, I want to extract a sentence.

The goal is to not drown out your own inner voice to the noise of the opinion of “many others, mind, intuition.Thing that you truly want to become and for some reason something, your own inner voice, heart and intuition., I know long ago another.So all good in secondary things other.”