The voice of higher value than Aya Takashima To proceed with NHK Yuko Aoyama Ana Free

(38) to hear the “5 months pregnant” sign of NHK, Yuko Aoyama Ana, fans dropped the shoulder may not be less.January this year, in August showing off party was reported to marry medical welfare company executive 37-year-old.It thinks that it, what would finally retired a line, not in the rough.

It worries me by all means it is has disappear afloat until now in the “free-turned-” story.

According to production officials, It is said that in that they stand tall with main caster of the news program “band, value-industry of Aoyama Ana is higher than Nishio Yukari and Takashima Aya.Possible even 100 million yen annual salary ”

Because say, it is considered sufficient even having to leave the NHK to be easy to select the work to childbirth.

However, NHK officials he shakes his head with confidence.

Station retreat of “Aoyama? I think not it.Husband is rich, and considering her age, the possibility that it was better NHK Nii is able to work comfortably with high.In fact, it will be a consideration in the upper echelon Aoyama is also a contributor of the station.Popular from the women because of the high Aoyama, a job that lets you take advantage of as my mother would come around.Even if the Zenba Takako even when Mitsuyo Kusano, Ana left the NHK is good at first, but people who struggle then quite often.I think Aoyama also know ”

※ 14 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post