The yakuza and Enka “close” to it, but I feel people involved also idle the same actually

Uproar of Shimada Shinsuke which was forced to retire from the entertainment world of dating and gangsters, was re-check the “inseparable relationship” of gangsters and the entertainment industry to a lot of people.Why do the two get along deep.Mr. Kubota order production of non-fiction writer is to report.

First, the case of the most “entertainment office” trouble processing is main basically.

Major entertainment firm employees reveal.

It has been reduced to “recently, showman that something partitions the events and concerts of local gangsters roughly.Pattern acquaintance begins naturally is introduced from senior employees often.

I think you mean that “insurance” when there was something, that office has continued the relationship for the time being it is more.The image of the world, the yakuza and Enka “close” It is a feeling, but also idle pop musician is not change the fact ”

Becomes also with major offices Yosuru many idle or actress, it’s a clean image in general, but there is a case that there are certainly also the relationship between gang.

Man popular actress “had been living together in anonymous age, I’m a dealer of shabu that belong to a certain organization.It is said to have the help of a gang to “liquidation” as if it never existed the past “(entertainment reporter)

Gang is a translation that is responsible intimidation, the “dirty work” with fir …… off vary, but there is no reason you can pay cut off a receipt of course, such as “reward”.profit sharing is done in a variety of forms where I do not know from the table.Popular Nanoha, it’s “tacit approval of illegal products”.

For example, by using acquiesce and close to the concert venue, and raw photos to be sold, such as street vendors, pirated are sold without taking the permission of the right of publicity, there is a case that is as “consulting fees”.

Such an approach for no shadow of gangsters management office of a certain popular idol group, there is no trouble conspicuous far, multiple sets of that because that “ass Possession”.

Also, ticket scalpers are selling at a concert venue near, in fact, there may function to the gang as “bypass donations” from entertainment firm.The ticket assigned to the office, minutes to diversion to gang from the beginning is included properly, and he has been for the concert is performed smoothly this as “Mikajime fee”.

Some of the payoffs such, some cases up to that would itself held out his “goods” that surprised.

“Certain office has let the entertainment in Shuseki politicians and gang leaders to gravure idol to which it belongs.Usually is several times as long, but some who ends up dating personally by becoming intimate as it is in “(The reporter entertainment, supra)

A few years ago, documentation of the Metropolitan Police Department investigators flows out in Winnie, there was a name of a certain idol that also appeared in such television stakeholders list of the gang boss.It is said that in some weekly magazine, it became commotion as “Do not mistress,” but, and than made friends is personally from “responsible entertainment” rather than a relationship to there.

※ 26 Oct. SAPIO2011 years