Strange UFO either life or do Space Battleship? Floated over to Spain

First of all I want you to look at this photo.

The floating in the sky object of a strange black shape.It is shaped like thorns grew around a sharp, either do not know or even behind which is in front at first glance.There is a place that shines thin at the bottom, it looks also like a jet engine fighter and rocket.

This strange UFO is one in which it was taken over by Spain in June 2010.A person he went to Madrid of Spain in overseas travel, but found there strange objects from flying in the sky.That was captured in the photo in a hurry.

And at this time, UFO that was flying while and out a beam of orange! The higher the, If you take a closer look at the photos, albeit slightly thinner, it is found that there is a streak of light red thin, which is irradiated from the bottom around the place that shining white of UFO bottom.

Even so, this object I wonder what really.It might look like this when I can arrive in large numbers and tail fighter of conventional, but still doubtful whether even fly in this form.Who said Space Battleship coming out in manga and anime like it may be close.

Since the early 2000s, UFO sighting forms of mechanical strange that these have been received from all over the world many.Those famous especially, UFO’s, such as the collection of high-tech equipment that combines called “Doronzu”, a circular ring with a sharp metal.It is said to be “whether it is unmanned reconnaissance aircraft” from that place to ride the person is not found, it came to be called by named UFO body also means “drone” and “Doronzu”.

UFO of this time, I wonder if a mother ship or something to mount them.I UFO is very exciting to only form of UFO was not until now, witness testimony is going to come more in the future.

(Yamaguchi SatoshiTaro Office)

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