“White to be irresponsible farce!” The voice of anger from industry to retirement remarks Mino Monta

Mino Monta retirement declaration of a sudden has become the fray.”Is made thus the truth excavation history mystery” of the ending (Nippon Television) broadcast live September 23, comment himself as “because it is only that I also retire in March next year.” Suddenly Minowa.Program had been completed as it is, sometimes you have to speak something similar in the past, it had been received and jokes.However, the October 4 “Tokyo Sports” is reporting the retirement of Mino in a sense now.By Mino himself had admitted “all (program appearance) contract ends in March next year,” said the ripples went at once widespread.

The past few years, “Minowa, I was repeatedly remarks reminiscent of” Oh, and “Na I want to stop it from per celebrated its sixtieth birthday.In recent years, such as whether not was aware of the generational change by the retirement of Shinsuke Shimada also reports, that led the restructuring target by television stations deficit more, there was also a voice saying “do not be surprised separately” Some of the people involved in particular ” (TV station stakeholders)

It is said that prior to the X Day already Minowa, but also to have a view to the establishment of the caster training school.However, the truth of this declaration retirement I wonder what about?

Early morning the next day the article came out in the “east Obispo, reporters were gathered in front of the home of Mino Kanagawa Prefecture.Dim still time, “Zuba morning! After another question I was bumped to Mino that came out of the house for (TBS system) appearance, “but himself only appropriate answer inefficiently.Also, if you think that staring in silence eyes of reporters asked the question, that it has finally opened his mouth with a smile and even “? Did come see …… east Obispo”.In everyone heart or “Millionaire! Was the thrust of the “” (weekly magazine reporter)

And that continued into a total of 10 times near towards the press of one person in this exchange.Even heard about the future and how much “retirement, I have wit’s end in the remarks of three translocation two rolling.I also was listening to the story in a half laugh, but I think both …… Na’s preposterous farce “(Reporter supra)

In view of the information coming from the periphery also heard attitude, of these Mino, intention to retire in Mino himself in any way is likely to be no.

We are rooted in the theory that, have a wait-and-see if you have the “‘retirement declaration, if entertainment officials also distributors, TV stations and is” wonder if the reaction.In fact, the TV station’s remember the complaints in relation to guarantee also that’s for sure, and Mino himself is aware of it.However, not you no Nantes willing to quit “from stakeholders close to the person?Regular even if wiped out though, that voice’m the person who will continue to work in some form also can be heard “(tabloid show desk)

You do not think about in the media tried to say Taken together the opinions of various fields, and leave longer.It might be talking about that much if Sumasere in “jokes in the program,” but, turmoil’s became big so far even to just a past maximum, there is also a possibility of developing a situation that soon the person makes a clarification.Advance and retreat of Mino really is?

※ “Mino Monta hobbyhorse game” image (Nippon Television Network)

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