Human-like hooked fairly wide from [show report] dog “doggy for CM”

The dogs try to actually “CM dogs biting” (5 date Nikkan Sports October) the world’s first, Tomoaki Ogura moderator of the dog enthusiast, took up the effect.The CM is all the fuss is, that the “sound of the secret” that not only hear only dogs that are restricted in the TV is turned on only for a few seconds.While you are listening intrigued, and “! Is it so what” If I had wondered gradually, it was the punch line of great success as a sponsor in that this topic was taken up in countries around the world 20.

With that major food companies share the world “Nestle” (Headquarters, Switzerland) planted in the pet food, and showed interest in this CM sound of the toy broadcasting in Austria than the “sound of the secret” I started.I saw the reaction let the dog “Tokudane!” Is to obtain the CM of 23 seconds.

    “Sound of the secret” inaudible to humans and sound, bell sound higher and favorite toy dog ​​is on in CM.As a result of let this CM to 10 dogs, eight animals is move the ears in the portion of the sound of the secret, it seems to have certainly heard.

However, showed the strongest interest in the chiming of toys, the sound of the secret was not so much.According to the analysis of acoustic Japan Research Institute, the sound of the secret that high-frequency sound of 18khz inaudible to humans.

What made this kind of elaborate CM “Why Kaa and the want to eat this,” owner to see the reaction of the dog.”Dog reacts, Ogura think interest is” in this “dog food without permission is owner.Laugh added, “I think maybe if you let this CM before you eat, and the dog can eat dog food.Even without such a troublesome hand, the dog will be prompted if accustomed to hunger.

According to the Kasai Shinsuke Ana, CM skip function of “digital recording big problem now in the TV industry.After you have a buzz about the CM, a method for passing the CM actually has become important.Even in this program featuring over 10 minutes or more.The but it is was a great success as a sponsor ”

Humans was relieved somehow in the target rather than show dogs still.

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