There is no car to trade-in?If used car dealer in the United States … Why do not we wish to exchange with horse

Used car dealers, to trade in a car that customer was riding up to that same old story.

But while the economy is sluggish, in order of promotion, more flexible seems to be needed.

It is a story of dealers in the United States, except that customers no car to trade-in is presented a “horse” instead, it had become the news was give me a trade-in.

The dealer called Park Auto Mall in Florida, has become a hot topic as raised to a new level further trade of motor vehicles.

The propaganda Originally, it was a purported “those run, what you float, which fly, and trade anything” and, but phrase that says it “shall be galloping” still seems to have increased.

You say it as well, female customers there is no cash has come to buy a van used for a large family, but valuable assets of only she has is it was a horse.

[I see the image]
Family in hand van happily, the new owners were able to horse.

In our dealers, to the list that can be other trade, there is a baseball trailer house, signed, work of art, and jewelry, and it was with the form of horse entered in the.

Form of business is a thing to go Utsurikawa~tsu in accordance with the changes in demand and the economy, but, I mean the exchange of used cars and horses, it has a retro feel like barter of old age.

Used car dealer becomes a horse trader

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