China will flood the launching ceremony

September 29, 2011, was completed with great fanfare of “the most luxurious pleasure boat” ministry “steel liquor issue” was sunk in the launching ceremony of unveiling at the banks of the Yellow River in Gansu province.It came to be known by the general user has announced a mini-blog will be October 10, media reported also began.”Launching ceremony” was turned into “flooded Expressions”, the banks of the Yellow River ministry 皋蘭 Prefecture.”Steel liquor issue” was launched backwards, but I sank into the water from the stern section.Hull is tilted back and forth big.Latter part of the hull is submerged, the part before stopped at looking you sticking out from the surface of the water.

Jiuquan Iron & Steel Group (Sake-ko population) was built in the form of donated (about 223 million Japanese Yen) 17.68 million yuan in Lanzhou City ship.”Most luxurious”, “most advanced”, “greatest” in the Gansu Province, “with the excellent performance with most” and pleasure boat.Hull overall length 32.9 m, width 7.5 m, 130 tons to load displacement.In addition, it is unlikely to repair by pulling, but downright wasteful.  Excerpt from the reference article reference article

Recently, China, gets a lot of looks like this accident is absolutely a lot of high-speed rail accident Yara.Photo right in the flooded before, I have yet to land.According to the Lanzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau publicity processing length, was described in the “mistakes of the work, water enters the machine room in the rear hull” he said.