Also “complete victory” Japan representative, Kitazawa said “I’m a normal this.”

bout three preliminary round W Cup Asia, Japanese representative × Tajikistan representatives on the 11th, was held at the Nagai Stadium, was a complete victory for Japan to play include large amounts of eight goals.

The international friendly match = Vietnam representative match against the 7th, it was content to remain a challenge of one score on that shot from eleven to lowly opponent, but the game this time, Kengo Nakamura you have filled the hole in the Honda absence But, it becomes the key to attack top to bottom, the outstanding performance of 1 goal 3 assists.Hafner microphone representative of the first game starting lineup as well, and mentioned two goals in a daring headed that take advantage of height, good news often.

Same evening, but NTV “NEWS ZERO”, Mr. Kitazawa Australian of the current football commentator praised both the name under Japan representative.Is possible to “Today, victory play itself is, I’m usually a representative from Japan this.Emphasizing the “I’m a normal,” But, by Honda that absence, condition did not really go up, the difference between the Vietnam war that could not be riding the wave not good enough.Among those, put out the power that athletes have his own, was doing well, the role.Product Description added, “I think I regained the power of the original, but there was something that thinking as a team at the same time.

In addition, Kitazawa, who was introduced as “the players that made the opportunity (demodulation)” the Hafner and Nakamura, take advantage by coming get into, a certain height 194cm of “his Hafner.I think you know the characteristics of their own.Japan I wanted to do this height until now, but I could not.Material that has a height of world standard was small there.Things feet I be worried about when it comes to height, but also good foot.Added, “has been adapted to pass football, and the evaluation is I think strong type of” myself “,” Honda players, but the “movement” to make use of a friend “as a feature of the Nakamura Nakamura.