Anti-nuclear Yamamoto Taro revenue 1/10, Ishida Issei radioactivity measures manual writing

You sue the “de-primary” What are not the only activist and politician.After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, celebrities and others have expressed the opinion to the nuclear power plant after another film director and other many writers.Among such, it’s actor Yamamoto Taro (36) which is leading the opposition movement without regard to the impact on work.Yamamoto told a straight face in the coverage of women Seven.

Was reminded that “after 3.11, management of nuclear power plants was too sloppy.I thought the country is not to cherish the life of the people, and be killed in this state.Sense of crisis children what sin is also not particularly would be killed, I’m a source of activity of me ”

Yamamoto since the earthquake, had been angry at the attitude of the country was “out of butyrate” that the end of April, was raised to 20 mSv per year the criteria for radiation dose, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry to limit the outdoor activities.

“International standards it is said upon one mSv, sensitivity to radiation of children 10 times from three times the adult.Can not you’re insane Nantes’s okay even if the child was 20 mSv exposure per year? ”

It says revenue was reduced to 1/10 for the first activity, but Yamamoto does not intend to quit.

You need to do on the fly three of preventing diffusion of rubble simultaneous stop of “nuclear power plant, evacuation of residents of contaminated areas, contaminated.And I shall keep the kids anyway ”

It’s conspicuous among the Nuclear Power remarks celebrity Yamamoto, and “what you want to think everyone because now” that Ishida Issei (36) wrote in a blog.

1988, the contents such as episode Ishida boy took part in protests over the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture.And called attention to “a state not strange to say when the Boom also 55 pieces of nuclear bomb” about the current state of the primary.

In fact, entry of this blog March 4.Content as if to predict the nuclear accident has become a big topic.

Did not half a year later, it is the writing that Ishida depresses the primary problem in the blog, but, September 30, it was about his feelings for Nuclear Power in the long spanning 8000 or more characters again.

At a terrific speed “, time is progressing from there.When that half a year longer flows.And I think what’s also not progressed since then is the same, the process was an accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station ”

The blog, which has written a book that summarizes the measures radioactivity, etc. or suggest.Had concluded a sentence with “I’d like a brave if you thought the for your child to think on your own, if you feel so.”.

※ 20 Oct. 2011 Seven Women