How about if you think anti-nuclear movement, the effect? = To stop the useless demonstration and riot, to participate in the democratic procedure – Takaaki Ishii

Technique of demonstration problematic
 Anti-nuclear demonstration is happening in many places sporadically.In response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, is an expression of anger that share of the national, it may be natural phenomenon.To respect the political will of the people, and I that interest in energy policy increases the.However demonstration in the form of now not only pointless, also noticeable adverse effect.
 I would like to point out three ways in which the problem.It is a set of problems in the first.”Who” Do you have a protest, I do not know anti-nuclear demo.National agreement is being maintained in changing the energy policy of the primary dependent in Japan today.”By when” “means what”, “who is the responsibility of the” I want to implement the problem.Answer to the issue of those ambiguous just demo a series of just angry.Participants seem to make an enemy of “advocates” all the way to the mind, like you’re fighting the delusion without permission on their own.As a consequence, from the realization of political will, the plane of the riot has become stronger demo.
 Second, I doubt to the effect.Is based on the old world view 19th-century manner people and country that conflict with the demo, it would be too old political style.As seen in the “Arab Spring”, there is a dictatorship government, there is no way of political participation to the public, it may be an effective means purpose of administration subverted if unambiguous.But even if there is not sufficient surface, there is a means of decision-making democratic parliament and called elections in Japan.Speech’s principle of freedom.Demonstration to cause riot, ignoring the democracy of Japan that their fathers had have built with us, will not be attracted support of a large number of people.
 There is activity that fuel the demo “10 million primary action goodbye” and ( the same as what you see in the old newspaper of Chernobyl immediately after the accident, the name of the organization and people lined up, claiming to be repeated further, caught up in the feeling that you back in time when you read.I want you to evolve a little.I wonder not learn the experience of the past that the majority of people, claims of anti-nuclear is not accepted.
 As a matter of third sign of good faith of the people are used to “pro-citizen” is out.It appears organizations particular tilt to force the conflict, as has been used for its own existence.By such politics population became the center, various demonstration that was repeated in Japan over 70’s from 60’s, hated from many citizens.At the same there is a sign to follow the same road.
 Let’s give an example.It seems certain to be called say to join the demonstration to bring it to recruit an illustration of “Nuclear Power Poster Exhibition”.(Http:// the picture’s ugly.Picture such as “pour the radioactivity in children”, “children eat radioactivity” or is contrary to the fact.It is a complicity of reputational damage, human rights sense of the person involved is suspected, usually people with discomfort.I want to believe that a small part, but people with these strange thought if participating in the demonstration, it should not be collected forever the support of Japan and cool wise.
 Involvement of political forces also stand out.Social Democratic Party of fringe party are starting commotion in the anti-nuclear.Or more that can not be gathered the support of many, to show its presence by riot would be a reasonable choice for the party.As belonging to the extremist What’s more “pro-citizen” We have expressed the participation of demonstration.Arrests’s right out in the demonstration in Tokyo September 11.It was released immediately, but the support site rises to immediately.Speaking of irony, people to be arrested seems to be a “familiar arrest”.(Http://
 Is there a way of social change effective
 There are many ways of opinion which is effective than the demo.The “I put the intention to money to buy” one’s way as a consumer.Innovation of energy, the spread of energy-saving equipment and renewable energy power generation is progressing explosive Specifically now.4 kilowatts worth solar panels (around 2.4 million yen) to buy, it will take the original ’10 By utilizing a power purchase system to be introduced shortly further.And are commercially available gas heat pump (1.5 million yen), home storage battery (from several tens of thousand yen), as well as (2.6 million yen Mitsubishi i Meave) electric car.The combination of these devices, “Nuclear Power” can be an individual from now.
 Citizens in the union system, there is a movement to build a wind power generation company, such as sunlight.There are power producers than 1,000 companies in Germany, the majority’s natural energy power generation union which made local residents have led.Such as corporate and NPO’s little by little, but I have made in Japan.Competitiveness is poor in terms of cost of renewable energy at the moment, there is a problem that rely on subsidies.However, we should respect the attitude that citizens and lets make up their own, the future of the energy of their own.Turn off the unit price! “Do not buy electricity made from nuclear power plant” if hate is the power company, and want you to not use the power at your own risk.It does not solve anything and only make noise.
 There is also a method of dropped into the political procedure intention.I would like to introduce an example of Niigata Prefecture winding-cho (now Niigata City).Primary concept of Tohoku Electric Power Co., which lasted ’40 has been withdrawn in 2004 here.This is because of Mr. Takaaki Sasaguchi brewing company management of moderate opponents is chosen mayor, and bring to referendum, showed clearly the will of the people “against the nuclear power plant”.The same town was confused in favor opposite, but regional peace was restored thanks to the efforts of Mr. Sasaguchi.
 The strategy’s as follows:.Listening is not cast against the nuclear power plant dare ①, nuclear power plants or do not want or want to town purely.② elimination of outside forces.Softness of the image of ③ Hanhara Hatsu-ha.By sitting in a circle called a “gathering”, mothers worked actively gathering. Administrative organization of ④ town as possible to neutral.Rapid democratic procedure of land acquisition before ⑤ – a result of these, anti-nuclear faction had won an overwhelming victory.
 Sasaguchi he had said, “people of any position also want to continue to live on the take-town” and in a lecture at the time.It’s true form opposite to that of the anti-nuclear movement of the now.People of any position also, want to learn actions that this common sense.
 The efforts of national consensus through dialogue
 About 10 years, I’ve been following the global warming that is energy policy, on its back.Therefore, the regret is, it’s true national consensus that was not made in energy policy.
 (“The Future of nuclear power plant, the expectations of national consensus” my manuscript:
 Unfortunately, I do not think there is national consensus on the extension of the demo.To that end, I want to appeal to people to participate in the demonstration today of “amateur citizen”.To respect its good intentions, but there is nothing born only demo.I hope and want to participate in democratic procedures and efficacious means for more.And I want to appeal to “pro-citizen”.If there is a wicked thought that by using the good faith of people if, you are going to Hikizurikomo “movement for the exercise” of their own, it’s shameful action.You must give up immediately.
 that when we think about the future of energy, to be done now is not a conflict.Cooperation and convergence to the solution of the Fukushima accident, it is a support for siblings affected, is a pressing issue may be recovered by the stable supply of power the economy ached.After everything is settled down, I can build a national consensus about the future of energy.
 Anti-nuclear movement emotional, such as demo is only temporary and will disappear any.But I’m worried, that domestic conflict is strengthened by riot-causing of it, that the national consensus building over the future of energy is further delayed.
 Takaaki Ishii, economic, environmental journalist ishii.takaaki1 @