Chihara Junior was give away roughly? Bosom circumstances comedian

The other day, “highball roughly” the new show was broadcast start from October 8 (TV Tokyo).Such as the recording of “Casino roughly” corner of the show in is performed in Tokyo on the 11th, Chihara Jr. were stating that it “is more than 3 million” monthly income of their own in the revealed.

Bosom circumstances entertainer will be the topic well with a variety show these.For example Corner “Shabekuri 007” of (Nippon Television series) “barely 7”.This corner to ask questions regular performer bias is likely to me to answer the last minute to guest, monthly income of “MAX One of the frequently asked questions here?Monthly income of “last month” is?There are things about the revenue that “.Up to the young from the mogul, beep to or cover any or answering confided in whispering so as not to know the performers other than, so as not to clear the broadcast at the time most cases, some have to answer clearly in.For example, Kendo Kobayashi has been revealed in the show within that monthly income is 8 million yen in MAX.By the way Many guests such as he is holding a monthly income of a reasonable amount actually.Reaction of the audience and regular team in the program is likely not an exaggeration in any way.

There is also a means of inferring the monthly income elsewhere.For example, in the program of Kansai, which was broadcast in August of this year.There was a situation when there is a plan to check in unannounced a large room backstage of entertainer, payslips from Yoshimoto of Tamurakenji undesirably crowded Ballmer accidentally.It is reflected at point-blank range as the amount and character is seen easily if analyzes the image, the viewer to verify the performance fee per one in regular program actually his, had indexed monthly income of approximately and such as are some ….From the fact that also other cases Yamazaki Untouchable is, was or talking with a laugh that it was losing one million yen in an instant at the casino in another program also it is, he also’re getting a substantial monthly income still is? It is rumored to.

But the world of comedy or rather the entertainment world, it can not get a monthly income corresponding to not Ika selling in a stable still.As day-to-day on selling get tickets live themselves out in the business, it also have to Kona-sa a substantial quota, entertainer who hit the young is’s called, is withheld a lot of revenue.Not a’m getting a little more “in the example of the preceding Tamurakenji?I was supposed to rumors among viewers Yoshimoto’s guarantee that sensitive is the “what was true after all” “.The view that, be said is to think from there, income Chihara Junior this also still less also it is.

Recording of “high ball roughly” at this time, that it and raised in the answers to questions like a racy late-night show.this program in a format that entertainer who is going to challenge the experimental planning various every time.Racy content in the future going to come and more like a late-night? I hope also to the future of the program and the broadcasting.

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