Number which is easy to become first prize in the Dream jumbo lottery or found?

Currently, Dream jumbo lottery’s on sale, but (until June 3), that is similar to the following: We collected for each digit numbers winning numbers of 1 and the like over the past decade, the combination of the numbers came out the most in each digit I would be number.

● 56 sets of 198 436

In other words, I said that this number is a model number that was easy to become one like most Dream jumbo of the past decade.

That said, even trying to find things exactly the same number as this number, 27 pieces only exist in the whole country at the most.Find it no mean feat, but, for example, it is possible that you specify “190000 series 56 sets of” “last four digits are 8436” or behind the counter, to buy a number of similar.

Dream jumbo last year was predicted (27 issue May 2010) of this magazine, but the one that came out in practice numbers etc. are right out in the center “50 sets of 174 136”.Worth eyeing a number close to the model number is likely to have.

※ 2 the June 2011 Seven Women

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