Leave theory also …… to Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN Following “Johnny is dangerous! Seriously” in the NEWS

Recently, withdrawal of Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa mountains and P number of core members were presented from idol group · NEWS of Johnny.Future, Yamashita devoted to solo activities, Nishikido devoted to activities Kanjani ∞, which was a member in Kakemochi.To just say NEWS to survive, but would conduct activities in four Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya of, and had been driven into the dormant virtually.

Koyama casters, working as a vocal unit Tegomass was conspicuous actor Tegoshi, Masuda Kato activities or more of the group “In the past.’s About good to be dissolved, but the fan club featuring NEWS fan club of congruent with Akanishi Jin became a solo they leave Kanjani ∞, KAT-TUN, the KAT-TUN “You & J”.NEWS fan of the members of the Nishikido and non-Yamashita must be a minority, but not in the form of dissolution for not many Tori~tsupagu also one 4,000 yen annual fee “and (sports newspaper desk)

And, debuted with great fanfare’s likely to be driven into the dormant state and withdrawal of members following the NEWS, but he’s called KAT-TUN Nakazutobazu of this place.

“KAT-TUN was formed in 2001 in Hitokoe of crane” You people, called “Na I would do of Johnny Kitagawa president, but did you major debut March 06.However, it was an unprecedented debut of performing the Tokyo Dome performance in front of the debut CD for the first time in history.However, Akanishi Jin sled did not fit with the other members from October the same year to rest for half a year because of the Language School, popular down rapidly in the meantime.Has returned once Akanishi, but there is no motivation at all, announced the withdrawal officially finally to July last year “(record company stakeholders)

I saw teamwork on whether the recovery in the withdrawal of the red west, but down the popularity did not stop.

Only was it two top along with Kamenashi Kazuya, “Akanishi did not immense influence of withdrawal.If you held a concert tour, the metropolitan area’s better still vacancy has become prominently region.That the withdrawal of Kamenashi that there is also such a status quo, or served as a starring “Yokai Ningen Bem” (Japan TV system) was remake the classic anime from this month, has been very active as a caster in the sports program of NTV will be announced looks to be.Jeanie president in carrying out the plan in the head one after the other so as not to call on or in the Guinness Book of Records, leaving Yari towards the retirement of their own in the near future.White matter of the NEWS, the white matter of KAT-TUN, seems to have made the decision himself president Jeanie “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

When it comes Kamenashi is to leave, Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke, Nakamaru Yuichi, remain Ueda Tatsuya.Above all, despite after the earthquake of March this year, the play around the mountain P et al to escape the metropolitan area alone visit the affected areas off, Tanaka he was supposed raised the man, but … ….

It was cut off the liquor and the woman for a while to visit a “disaster area, but the club also play revival quite recently.Association with a certain famous AV actress and is modest, I had returned to previous Tanaka.Not even seem to be gathered support from KAT-TUN fan “(The official)

KAT-TUN also be familiar with the re-division Following the NEWS, the effect is likely to be unpopular out other groups, but really.

The aim of the SMAP Nakai Masahiro accident “puzzle fan …… also burst into young live” or the next Johnny president
There was negligence of the local police in the back of TOKIO Yamaguchi Tatsuya driving without a license “rich zones! Totally”?
Are signs of decline in rookie Johnny unearthed in decreased libido “obsession to the handsome youth is ……” the president?