Noon like Dora! Five three child wife heritage competition in the sudden death of the President – China

In China, the competition of the quagmire ensued a total of eight people in five claiming to be “child” and three people claiming to be “wife” and around the heritage of the private sector, President sudden death.China network reported.

Died without men over 50 years of age engaged in private enterprises in Hebei Province fell ill suddenly on June 25 last year, have a will.Heritage was decided that over a child of two people who were already adults and wife, a 12-year-old boy and a woman there appeared.It was decided to request “This child Wakero heritage because it is illegitimate child of the president” and also rejected by his wife, take someone to court.

Then appeared another woman and brought two children and also soon after.President and his wife divorced once in 1999, was reunited in 2002, but the woman was married to the President “in 2003.Joined the heritage competition by claiming two people, “he said children of the president.

Thus, inheritance trial two people and its children legal wife, and their mothers “illegitimate child”, the two children with his wife of “married partners”, eight match involving began in the 13th.

The court, in addition to representatives of the wife was absent was answer “marriage if fact, hit the bigamy” and for “marriage partner”, request a DNA test of three children as “illegitimate child” and “marriage partner”.In addition it is assumed imparts each third of the heritage of the son wife.

The claim of each way to appeal the validity of their own, and not turned away still more than two hours or longer from the court session, disagreement remained very large.It was decided that it becomes adjournment in the “time out” after all, and conduct the proceedings again at a later date.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)