Kawashima is “good example of the Club” became the new captain of Rirusu

To have been appointed as the new captain of the team Tsuga Japan GK Kawashima permanent representative belonging to the Rirusu, Belgium paper dated 14 “De Standaard” was reported.

Captain of Rirusu is in charge of Wesley Sonck, the Belgian representative FW ever.However, Section 10 League which takes place on the 15th, the members Sonck out in Zulte Waregem game away from home.Sonck about what is out of members, as the injury is not a reason Chris Jansen director, I was appointed as captain Kawashima.

In play at all times, Janssen director, has become a good example of the club “for Captain Ei嗣 change.As well as talk about the reason and I “do not want the relationship to change frequently, also showed confidence in the Kawashima.

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