Fighter school organization the latest trends in the entertainment world! Well-established organization Akko family “(5) turbulent in danger of extinction! Sasayakaru centripetal force decreased in the “birthday party” event is canceled

It is feared Akiko Wada is called “opinions number of entertainment industry” and “chan Hey God”,’s reign in the entertainment industry for many years.Speaking of well-established organization that was such a chieftain Wada it would be .However, “severe earthquake? Long-established organization that boasts the” unity of iron “is that he has hit.


Degawa Tetsuro, Yoko Kumada, Takeyama cheat, Mine Ryuta, Mimura Masakazu (Summers ~), we face powerhouse Kazuki Saya, Yasuda Misako, Kunihiro Matsumura, such as sandwich man has a large selection of face to members of the family Akko.Then, it’s telling the unity of the “Akko family”, was a birthday party every year, has been held.It is famous for it that it is carried out by inviting many celebrities birthday party “every year, Wada Akiko (April 10).The home party, we are supposed to socialize for a drink Akko’s until the stinking.Of course, that mean messed up, once, became the topic of pubic hair Senda Mitsuo has been burned “(entertainment reporter)

In addition, the “sanctions of blood” former football player Takeda OsamuHiroshi of Horipro is forced to one night in the house Wada, Degawa is, that is beaten to shit 09 years, has become part of the legend Akko.

“For this reason, do not want to go to the birthday party of Wada entertainer most” (The reporter performing arts supra)

Settlement is said to be.I have been told recently, centripetal force also has declined considerably in practice.

In recent years, opportunities to go bar-hopping is also reduced, join the young members also almost no circumstances also “Akko’s own.members of young members was also co-starred in the “Omakase! to Akko” is enough to participate in the acquaintance.Members also immobilized, aging also because we are progressing, does not seem to panache former also Donechanh commotion “(The reporter performing arts supra)

In addition, there is also the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake this year, birthday party itself is canceled.It is, that there’s even a possibility that birthday party itself die a natural death.

You are talking you are doing (the birthday party) while “I think every year, it’s high time this year, but” Akko’s also “might be good to review get down.Again, not a mode in which the person himself to Donechanh much commotion in the aftermath of the earthquake is large.I think birthday nears surely, mind and change but ‥ ‥ “(entertainment reporter, supra)

The biggest event of the year of the well-established organization seems to have reached a major crossroads.