Settled co-star at the suggestion of the earthquake Takuya Kimura in “Antarctica” on location

Sunday drama theater of Takuya Kimura (38) starring that starts on the 16th day “Antarctica” (TBS system, 9 am to pm every Sunday).February you crank in, Hokkaido Nemuro, Blizzard Raging in pure white snow field.Be less than 20 degrees below zero there are many.Harsh shooting this time, began to change the perception of his own with each passing day.I confessed to something like Kimura in an interview.

It is not perceived as personal as ever, experience such as “Hey tough”, with a spread of Innovation Bois ~, and, was able to share with people a lot of -.

Some One reason that changed Kimura, it should not be forgotten.As it experienced the earthquake during the filming of “Antarctica”.March 11, location-Nemuro was also observed seismic intensity 4.Evening after you have had earthquakes, and other Kimura, even from eating dinner each, staff and Kagawa Teruyuki (45), et al, actors, and actresses that Yamamoto had spent a restless night.

Have staring at the television and mobile phones “People, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof.At such times, since one took place “Kimura-san, do you not gather?It was me and called out “.And then I’m gathered everyone.Overnight, we just do not talk anything, but was able to share the feelings in the same situation “(program stakeholders)

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women