Lunches of China [BBS] Japan is too gorgeous! Opinion of Chinese

Thread “lunches in Japan! Too gorgeous” and was erected on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site.Main thread is introducing the lunches in Japan photo into many, different opinions were received for this.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: the feelings that found in the small place of goods method Lu land Japanese impressive.It is good if there is to go on a trip to Japan, then, and try by all means eat lunches.If you enjoy a luxurious lunch and beautiful packaging, impression of lunches so far will change rattle.


● Love rice Maki less!

● It’s so such not enter the stomach is full tactile pain somehow Chirifu ….

● Have you ever eaten 哈迪 斯 csj, but Japanese style lunch box did not like it really,.

● expiration date Shinichi and Ran-chan if not six months, that’s still. (I can not win in China)

● I want to eat melody v V 碎 heart ….

● If you do not do that stomach is full, even by force in the case of my 1175845539.And to not good for the body Overeating.It was “Chinese women to eat a lot, is a slurry everyone” in a book, but I wonder because not a slurry ….

● expiration date is probably only a few hours of lunch creamyw Shinkansen.It does become even compare to the six months of lunch of high-speed rail our! (I am sorry)

● lunch 709913359 China, something extra like if say metaphorically.Lunch box in Japan, protagonists of each side dish.This is the difference between the quantity and quality. (It is quite good example)

● Daitomoeware dissatisfied It’s elaborate lunch! Great!

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)