also that women celebrities, to “transfiguration” take off

female entertainers become topic to “take off” by a lot.

In some cases, it is recognized that be to show off a bold acting in movies, and was slightly larger as an actor.

However, celebrity image has changed completely as before also there is in.

I tried to pick up where recently “took off” women entertainers.

■ Suzuki Kyoka
People who looked at the name of Suzuki Kyoka for the first time in a long time in the “Second Virgin” would also be many.
Suzuki Kyoka is not only a hot topic as an actress in this work, devoted to the co-star was also reportedly is still fresh in our minds.

Suzuki Kyoka is “Nureba” bent navel
Devotee discovered Hasegawa Hiromi Suzuki Kyoka, 9-year-old under

■ Nagasawa Masami
The molting the innocent school actress, Nagasawa Masami also, have begun to challenge the “take off” in acting.
Stage starring in “Crazy Honey”, out off your clothes, etc. become horsemen women fan,
Show off the acting eccentric.Who was surprised at the sudden transfiguration also wonder not often.

Was towards Hitokawa by stepping the stage!?
The Nagasawa of the cliff in your sex appeal ban

■ Ai Kago
Ai Kago, which also experienced the era of popular hight as the idle also, but one who has been attracting attention or not take off or take off.

The request of the AV directorial debut in Ai Kago
“There was also super hard rape in 5 installment appeared” drove to Kago Ai attempted suicide “100 million yen AV” contract
Kago independent determination because it was “likely to be issued porn movies”

Cage are talking that it was almost forced to office before the job ‘take off “is, and also became one of the factors of office Transfers.

I suggests how the female entertainer of any work “take off”, the image is the same as before, that also affect the private life.

As long as a clear benefit to “take off” due to the fact is not visible, it’s become hesitated as the basket also might not be helped.