Gudaguda number declared program is surprisingly popular

Sight performer of drama series that begins newly, appearing in variety shows for the publicity to eye well.
The program reorganization phase of the spring and autumn every year, you are broadcasting a special program that the new drama performer “good laugh!” Regular team starring in Fuji TV.Also “…!? I wish the empty-handed of Tamori Nakai,” which was on the air the other day, and it was a program that partnering its flow, but had to change the planning content greatly from the far.

This program of setting new drama performers from the fall and Nakai Masahiro is coming to play in the party to be held in the living room of Tamori, was what has been missing in the power of free talk center unscripted.
This program of the new style, a variety of opinions have been written in this blog, as Bansen program.

“Article of the chart into here”
While there is opinion “It was gudaguda for a large number of people there is no set-up” and a “tired to watch though messy”,
• The laughed you have been confused anymore
• You have gudaguda slightly, but rather like I do not hate I mean …
• Even … or rather gudaguda, it can interesting in it
Many voices called, its “gudaguda” acceleration seems to have received.

Where there is also that talk while eating and drinking in the home party format, appearance of elements that are not found much on television usually of actors is also a glimpse as good,
· I Tanihara (Shosuke)’s, really good people
· Wholeheartedly tighter and tighter original (Sakurai) Sho-chan is a glimpse here and there
Kanno Miho ‘s highest
Gap mind that chrysanthemum Yonekura Ryoko is ~ Na was good
People, etc., enjoyed watching actors often.

It can be said that it was less a performer than the conventional and by three people from each of the drama, but the minute it was just a member of the class protagonist, feeling gorgeous even had growing.Good atmosphere It was handed down from the screen, compatibility of folks who gathered might be because good.

And, Mekubari attentive of Nakai-kun facilitator also, would be a big factor in this program is successful.
Nakai kun went turning a place where natural actor & actress gathered only that.He is great after all
• The applause in Nakai-san to proceed well the program of guest soon!

It was well received, “It was a Omoroi program hella”, “style of turn declared specials this time was interesting awesome” or, this planning Would not do continue next time.And I think it was doing to live like that, but actually produce not a raw, and not work anymore next time.

■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about Nakai Masahiro!

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