Goto Maki, the voice of joy flooded with fan from the start a blog for a limited time

I found that on the 17th October, Goto Maki of artists began to amoeba blog for a limited time.

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Goto Maki has announced the suspension of activities at the end of the year already.Blog this time, was started to commemorate “love words (VOICE)” (released November 2, avex) full album release.

“It is a long time to write I~e~i o (^ ∇ ^ o) (o ^ ∇ ^) o Hehe! Blog, but it is hope that you can enjoy (_’Д`) Bruno ~ ~ “Goto Maki commented.

The renewal period, in honor to the Goto Maki (Gotoumaki), you have 510 hours of 24:00 November 7th from 18:00 October 17.

From the fan to the blog start

· “Blog! Over over!’m Hella fun N Gotch over over”
– “♪ I have to look forward to update ♂ I read each and every blog”
· “I’m glad Truly and me starting my blog (^ _ ^) v”
• You too happy Hooray “The Seriously (<>) (.≧ ∇ ≦.) ”
• The “♪♪’s a limited time, but I’m glad”

Such as, the voice of joy has been flooded.(Model Press)

I see more photos, articles other details
Commitment to Natural is close to the photo book published Suppin Goto Maki, for the first time in five years
Beauty body showing off in lingerie model Goto Maki, for the first time
Goto Maki, showing off sexy body in new jacket
Clearly the reaction of the fans? The whole picture Goto Maki, up hiatus