The time of the end of the world recession came of professional athletes also “annual salary bubble”!?

Opening of the National Basketball League NBA, which had been scheduled for November 1, was a two-week postponement.Labor negotiations of the Players Association and team owners side over the distribution ratio of the revenue breakdown.possibility that the 100 game not only was canceled, if there is no progress in the negotiations, NBA season is not performed even he came out.

There is a $ 900 million revenue per year (approximately 70 billion yen) The NBA.In labor-management agreement until last year, 57 percent of which is devoted to the annual salary of the players, share of the team was 43%.But (it is said that 22 teams 30 teams during the losing money), the owner side was proposed Players Association side of the new labor-management agreement that incorporates the change of distribution ratio for management improvement many teams suffering from financial difficulties in recent years.

distribution proposed by the owner side has issued the first thing players = 46%, that team = 54%.Is in accordance with it’s share of course refused because he also reduced 7.7 billion yen if the Players Association side, that it is good be reduced if up to 53%.But without changing the attitude “player to take more than half of the revenues funny” and the owner side was the limit players = 49%.

Players Association side was also concessions and if up to 51%, but not both ceded more than this, negotiations broke down.Lockout for closing the facilities such as practice field is followed by.50% if you look at from the outfield: It’s seems to fit round if 50%, but it is not bridge the difference of going to Which only 1%, and 700 million yen.It will has become the problem of face to come up here.

In labor-management agreement amendment, there is a flashpoint of conflict Another.This is also the story of money.It is a problem of the salary cap system.

In order to prevent the soaring annual salary of the players, it is a system that determines the upper limit of the total annual salary of the team with salary cap.Most admit the special some the current system, but “soft salary cap”.It is supposed to be good beyond the upper limit for the player that has undergone the enrolled a certain number of years or newcomer, or have to pay a fine which is called (luxury tax) Luxury Tax, also possible to align the players of high annual salary.Prima facie, the upper limit has been determined, but the team that financial power is a translation that can enhance free to leave the financial power.

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