Gang presence photos discovered Sawajiri Erika Iwasa Mayuko! On its back and conspiracy of the “Erika like busting”?

Photo weekly magazine released the 18th “flash” (Kobunsha) has posted multiple photos in a gangster executives (25) and actress Sawajiri Erika was photographed together.According to the article, the time it was taken, movies became his career Sawajiri “Pacchigi! Autumn 2004 shooting of (Izutsu Kazuyuki Director) has been completed “.

The photo is the one that is reflected actress Iwasa Mayuko (24) is a close friend and Sawajiri Sawajiri, and (retired now) Men of executives Sumiyoshikai-based gang is aligned in looks Nakayo club in Roppongi.It seems when the Halloween party was open, Sawajiri sailor, Iwasa have the costume of Miniskirt Police, two people are connected with handcuffs hands of each other.In addition, I have also published a two-shot photo and men Sawajiri that was filmed at the club in Ginza.

Just so happens, Sawajiri has just opened in the 17th recital of the CM, who played the “moody character” of its own.The enforcement of the “gang exclusion regulations”, dating to the yakuza only has become a big no-no in the entertainment industry, could become fatal pictures of this time said to be thing of the past it’s “Bomb”.

Office parties Sawajiri only been asked to commemorative photo for those who were present “is.Currently, relations such does not have.You are, “commented we will teach strictly in the future, but it is speculated possibility that take your photos happened at another store and the same happens to a person is low, and might have been intimate quite time.

It is written in the article, there was also that there intimate harmonious man Sawajiri, to come to the store with the club in Roppongi by waiting outside, photograph taken in Ginza shooting when a man calls a Sawajiri I have to have been.

“At that time, 18-year-old Sawajiri, Iwasa is 17 years old, Nightlife habit of women was famous.Out of the man also seems was intense, but she who has become addicted to play in the world of adults, it seems was not interested only in man there is gold.Is one of them, does not may have been men attended photo “(entertainment parties)

Even so, why photograph what was discovered at this timing.For Sawajiri you signed a business alliance with Avex from April, was allowed to resume performing arts activities in a new leaf, it could lead to serious damage, but …….

Sit photo with gangsters is Nante be published in the magazine photo the day after the “CM recital, it will be too much no matter how you think.In industry, information from the muscle you are trying to interfere with the entertainment activities Sawajiri, photo that has been provided is flowing “(ibid)

In CM recital, Erika like that appeared to demonstrate the playful and such as alerting blowing the whistle to reporters that it was bumped questions about divorce, as trying to cut the re-start with character and friendly.But, apparently there is a person that does not seem happy about it, how a rocky future.Contact play, which has been the arrogant behavior as Erika-like, seems not clearing so easily.
(Statement = Sato Isamuuma / Yellow Tear Drops)

(Left “SWAK 2010 Fall oversized issue”, right ※ The image is from “Iwasa Mayuko Lovers”)

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