Net back information Giants Doage block count on horse Sawamura

Giants prevent cents Doage in front of the eye, show the resistance of the last, was beaten three vertical.Sino-Japanese side also seems to have been “prepared” and “not get to let win so easily”.

Look 3 races of giants and “the Hanshin (October 10 to 12), it seems to have felt the eeriness different from the giants of the past.(Baseball officials) “especially the 11th is …
Goodbye hits of state-of-the-art Fujimura (Daisuke = 22) jumped out to the 11th.However, Sino-Japanese officials, and had floated a difficult facial expressions Tokyo Yakult which includes climax series (hereinafter CS), began collecting information was reconnaissance this 3 races.
It was surprised the rival team and “that!?” Is, it was when the starting lineup was announced.”No. 2 First, Sawamura” -.
It is by “members reconnaissance” Use pitcher pitched no plan.It is an old strategy to use when I can not read the starting pitcher of the opposing team.From the defense of one inning, Wakiya Ryota (29 = lefties) has entered the first base defense.

The starter of this day of Hanshin to play against, messenger (30 = right-handed pitcher).Hanshin bench was laughing at the time you have replaced the members table.
“Sports newspapers have set up a messenger to the starting lineup expected.Heck, I thought who throw!? “(One of the Hanshin side parties)
And this Wakiya, Takahashi why, nowadays, are you guarding the first base Kamei.The place and Fields (28) in the right batter.I wonder I thought Tigers took advantage of a misunderstanding surprise, and is starting a left-handed pitcher.
“No, I came unto giant is prudent.Sawang Kojima (Tatsuya = 26) has been first team registered from the date this.The starter in Yokohama round of the 13th, I gained a win of 4 seasons the first time.When initially, Kojima was the first team return, each team I had seen a “reinforced the relay personnel”.Would There was a reported “to use in starting the Kojima, the force also win,” he said ”
I had seen so China and Japan, the Tokyo Yakult refrain from CS battle.Hanshin was laughing what moment I saw the starting line-up table, but the real intention was different.Was also “shock tactics of Mayumi director flow” Kojima is starting the 13th.In order to not Kanzuka it, and he was the first team registered in the second day of the three races, but professional baseball commentator that are active in the Kansai region tilted my neck this.
I should use in the Giants game is “Kojima.Giant is vulnerable to (pitcher first match) first fruits.Kojima is not a rookie, but the first team was The Return, and given the upsurge of when it won the giant in Kojima … ”
It entered the end-game, morale of Hanshin fell seems there was also failure of the players hired.
Also, suddenly, and instructions “! Call a guts” in this Hanshin 3 races (53) Hara Tatsunori director.I was allowed to participate in the practice of pre-game Ogasawara Michi-dai was adjusted in an avulsion fracture of the left wrist (38).It probably wanted to make sure in his own eyes to “whether or not the time for the CS”, but “3 races at the Tokyo Dome (14 to 16) come in all-out war,” said Sino-Japanese side was premonition.
If it “2nd pass, it can be taken ownership of the CS first stage.Conditions of the original director of “continuance” is not a third place, does not mean there is no voice of second place “(‘s commentary Baseball Pro supra)

Strange rumors are also flowing on the net back.The contract term of Ochiai director “until the end of October”.CS Final stage first match starts on November 2, the first leg is scheduled for November 12 Japan Series.The contract of Ochiai supervision, extension of precautions to fight the post-season match wonder what is included.Successor personnel of “post Mayumi”, Hara has finished the season in third place ….CS of the Central League’s likely to be aspects smell Kina.

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