Korean sausage character “50.235% human flesh (imported production)” of “I cannibalism?Spread “shock

Fish sausage with surimi fish such as tuna, convenient food that can be used for side dishes, such as lunch or when Kobara is empty.Sausage wrapped in plastic such as fish sausage also in supermarkets and convenience stores in Korea’s being sold well, but I found that there is a display amazing in the ingredient list.Currently, you have buzz on the Internet in South Korea, photo titled “horrible sausage” was published in a certain community site.The component display field of plastic, amazing character “50.235% human flesh (imported production)” that had been printed.

South Korean Internet users and colleagues, has been shocked by this display, “sausage that I ate Nante was human flesh” became a man-eating “I?Comments of jokes and Pepper and voice of surprise, such as, “Do not it human flesh of foreigners if” import production “such as” a translation that delicious “reason has also gathered.a result of South Korea media has confirmed, that the character means “soft flesh” and “軟肉” is missing some mistakes in print, it has been put into a “human flesh” is found.Contents of the meat paste is seen fish, sorbitol, sugar, and phosphate.

By the way, this photo was posted on the Internet in around 2005, I called the hot topic at that time.3954 tablets produced in China to be smuggled into South Korea “human flesh capsule” only in August! Smuggling is caught

※ The photograph: This article citation ※, Gaje of communication Gold Rush “BokuMina” was written from newswave.