Masuwaka Tsubasa and his wife, comment announced divorce news

Masuwaka Tsubasa popular models, has announced the official blog comment about the divorce news.

Husband Umeda Naoki [Photo] of Tsubasa Masuwaka

Masuwaka Tsubasa is a prelude to the “let me comment as Umeda house” in the joint names of the husband Umeda Naoki.I have denied “what has been reported the newspaper, on television, etc. of today there is not a fact at all,” said about the divorce news.

In addition, the state of mind Tolo “We also have nothing but surprised to see the coverage of each media,” said.That it had to apologize for the worry to everyone at us every couple just “sorry indeed.It is concluded, since I have I would like to spend does not change from the usual, and “thank you enough for continued support if.

Belonging office of both also denied reports “This is the contents that different at all the facts, we feel very regrettable,” said.Umeda Naoki has also been posted on the blog comments of the same content.

Umeda Naoki Masuwaka Tsubasa, married in December 07.Eldest son was born in April next 08 years.

From fans Masuwaka Tsubasa,

· “In the future ~ ♪ was good Tsu’m Tsu-chan love to (· ∀ ·)!”
• The “is a plum collar couple love while doing! Cheer (^ O ^) /”
– “Please have a couple of yearning of everyone forever and ever”

Etc., are also received 900 cases in the comments.(Model Press)

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