[From Asia! To achieve a suicide dive Breaking News] Japanese college student, on the subway in Taiwan.

Subway that runs Taipei, Taiwan, accidents Japanese woman fell in line with 雙連 Station home of freshwater MRT line, are attracted to trains that came occurred.I have seen from the security camera footage, women and those trying to dive suicide.

Just 23 minutes 11:00 19 evening, was rushed to the scene police received a report of suicide dive, there is no consciousness already woman, was taken to hospital but dangerous state is followed.From belongings, this woman appeared Nishikawa Mihoko’s Japanese university students attending Shih Hsin University (20 years old), police are promoting the investigation more about the motives of suicide and confirmation of identity.

From among the belongings of Mr. Nishikawa, consultation documents of pulmonary tuberculosis also found that.Still fresh in our minds Speaking of pulmonary tuberculosis, and became an emergency hospital Minowa Haruka comedians “porcupine fish” will develop in about two years ago.It is often considered a thing of the past, but the 30,000 people a year that are new-onset Even now, it is one of the major infectious diseases.Further, according to school officials that Mr. Nishikawa attend, Nishikawa-san that was suffering and not get used to school.Either the one you bother disease, or had troubled otherwise, motivation Nishikawa-san tried to commit suicide at the moment is not clear.And too young too To give up all what even.I want to pray for recovery.
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