Husband of female talent former Idol who useless guy!? Swayed to arrest spate

It was found that the building materials company, president Aoyama Koji married Uehara Sakura of talent “KRH”, in response to the tax audit of the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau, had been pointed out that the income concealed 100 million 7 ten million yen.Additional tax of about ¥ 30 million, including a heavy additional tax.The company that has been amended return already.

For Uehara, Aoyama marriage partner for the second time.In remarried news that has flowed to the end of last year, it’s Uehara that had been said about the other party “very honest, people who are pure so if there is a chivalrous spirit,” but, to buy a luxury car at company expense, celebrity husband of pride was sold off it I was taking out the loss as the difference.Would not a person in the “good faith” and a “pure” very.And from that of the ex-husband Noriaki Endo Uehara also has a past that has been arrested red-handed of injury, voice lament the lack of luck with men of her often on the net.

Noriaki Endo who is a former husband of “Uehara, friendship and entertainer is also famous as a wide range of people said to be members of the public.Ability to take action, such as organized yet president of apparel manufacturers, supports events such as professional wrestling and Shooto, fused clothes and music yourself “DEVILOCK NIGHT” will deepen the relationship between many celebrities Sho.You heard it’s very attractive as a person.However, there are those other hand, such as being arrested for violence against the weekly magazine photographer, also flashy surface, then you’ve divorced and Uehara after all.Because it is the person who Nariaga~tsu from Tatakiage, I might had been a little Tengu “(industry participants)

News that “husband arrest of female celebrities” successive last few years.Alone what was in the news recently, been arrested by Ozeki Shigeo Yamaguchi is Moeno original My husband ran a cabaret without permission, two subsequent divorce.Husband Kikuchi Yamato Tsuchiya Anna beaten to a karaoke shop clerk, was arrested on suspicion of injury.Also, in each other entertainers, pattern husband is useless is often awfully.

Examples of “typical I guess Yada Akiko Takeuchi Yuko.And Nakamura Shido’s being reported is poor On’naguse still, because that is Manabu Oshio’s.In addition, there will be misleading to the husband that useless, but Aoi Miyazaki Takaoka Sousuke and his wife also, I would say the same thing in the sense that caused the uproar.(Laughs) “In any case, that the man was married to famous female talent, (supra) bad reputation I might be the preceding

Case of Miyazaki aside, Genotto and former husband Uehara, Yamaguchi, Tsuchiya is, the person who renowned in each industry both.I wonder also needed badness of some To Noboritsumeru up there again.Also such poor also, might be attractive to attract women.Even so, that is the scandal of men gold also honor and women got the taste of honey is exactly.
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“Matsumoto Hitoshi is Soseki Natsume book! (Takarajimasha Paperback) ”

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