Gangsters is to look into the face of Korea entertainer When you “slave contract” sign

The sweeping Asia not only in Japan but “Hallyu” boom.Gangsters glimpses also on the back of no shortage Korea showbiz topic shown on the other hand, and “sexual entertainment” and “slave contract”, the dark.Journalist Lee Mr. measures, to report the reality of neighboring countries.

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from the early 2000s that the Korean boom began to dominate the Asia, KOSDAQ listing of entertainment-related stocks is boom time.That number, more than 30 companies at least.IHQ and Bae Yong Joon is a member of talent was a member of the East once key largest shareholder, actress Jeon Ji Hyun movie “My Sassy Girl” is it the epitome.

That being said, companies listed through the examination of the exchange is only a small part such as SM Entertainment which belongs to Girls’.

Entertainment stocks most, something that in the form of professional entertainment is acquisition and renamed the company of rags KOSDAQ that performance is sluggish, to take over the business of its own, so to speak, was “backdoor listing”.

Some entertainment professional, I would give the gangsters “room to exploit” in this process.Entertainment professional officials of South Korea speak.

Pie of entertainment industry is expanding at Hallyu boom of “Asia, it is now possible to achieve a fortune if Sodatere alone the star in a small office.The managers who existing production, it is not uncommon to have to be independent in the experience of just a few years for the.

However, because ethos that emphasizes the momentum rather than knead the business plan carefully is strong, backed with funds of such small-scale artisan weak.It is to sell where there, and hold the stock gangsters has appeared as a sponsor, the stock price was Tsuriaga~tsu after the listing ”

At that time, for gangsters, entertainment pro side is that bear an important responsibility one.I is dominated absolute for talent.

South Korea to impose a contract unfair and ultra-long-term talent “slave contract” problem is also known in Japan already.Talent to jump out the belonging office, a lawsuit is also found here and there in recent years, but this is a matter of life and death for the entertainment professional is an office.Revenue not only reduces Losing popular person of the cash cow, damage to the share price is also large.

For example, in the case of certain entertainment professional, in response to the complaint from the talent, stock price was 4400 won fell even third.When I think or so, you are put on the 40,000 won and now the Japanese market of the other group was successful.

Under such a turning point of the game of “real recognition”, fodder weaknesses of private life or on the Roshi flattery, production ‘s approach to sign to the slave contract to candidates and talent to dominate or how the cash cow.If so reluctant, sometimes gangsters is a glimpse of the face as a “back office”, to listen to glare.

also behind the Hallyu star of some now, has gained popularity in Japan, South Korea shadow of these gangsters is flickering.

The typical, intimidation case against the actor Kwon Sang-woo.After having threatened to “expose the scandal unless signed an exclusive contract with their own”, the original manager of Kwon which are parties leading gangsters, forced a memorandum called “pay one billion won if broken promises” was arrested in 2007 in that it has to write.

In addition, the private office of the singer and actor who was well-known in Japan, there were events to be ripped off in the big promotion of the underground forces in recent years.The office has been a stepping stone when the major performing arts professional to backdoor listing after all, but it’s uncertain relationship with the underground forces whether it has been liquidated.

Still, flashpoint gangsters scandal has continued to smolder in Korea showbiz.

※ 26 Oct. SAPIO2011 years