“I do not take courage” China’s relationship … = construction “ridiculous” in the railway construction

In railway construction was underway in Jilin Province, it was found that there is no personal experience of the railway bridge construction do not have qualified had been “in charge of” the construction of the railway bridge construction.Without using concrete foundation part, it was only tamped the big and small stones.Construction officials said that “even if the opening, I am not courage to ride the train” or.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

Route of the problem line of 74.1 km connecting the 撫松 and Hakusan YasushiYasushi Jilin.By the central government and the Ministry of Railways has permitted in 2009, construction began.

Shenyang Railway Bureau, (nine stations medium iron) nine stations Group Co., Ltd. China Chutetsu has received an order for construction construction main.Nine stations mid-iron was contract with subcontractors in each section.Akira廈 construction process Group Corporation headquartered in Jiangxi Nanchang City starts working on some.

Among the contractors section of Akira廈 construction process, a man starts working on the construction of a railway bridge one place.Some experience of a former chef, was engaged in, such as road construction, but man, qualification of iron bridge construction, and experience as well that there was no.Examination of the iron bridge, etc. Can you tamped the large and small stone pier foundation portion is also without the concrete in order to float the cost of materials, it has been found “very large safety issue” that.

September 2011, (for the route of the problem) “We do not have a contract to undertake the construction work between the mid-iron nine stations Akira廈 construction process Group Corporation.I expressed the “signed a contract crime molecules, such as to forge a company mark.

According to the General Counsel of Akira廈 construction process, to indicate that the company is independent of the incident, agreement to submit the corporate seal of the official of the company in Nanchang City Public Security Tsukasa Judicial Appraisal Center, nine stations medium iron held that were asked to work to be compared with the “corporate seal” of.

Man that made the construction of the railway bridge in question, had proceed hired hundreds of people, including local residents.According to experts, it is conceivable that the bridge is inclined or a large amount of gravel larger than the standards have been used in the concrete part of the pier, over time, when you tear.

Construction another party said it was “train also runs to the opening, courage to ride I do not,” said.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)