Western media to belittle my domestic fighter crash (2) = China

October 14, has been showing off a flight show in China-class international aviation convention “Hihyo” fighter crashed.Flight altitude is low when an accident occurs, the rear seat pilot escaped with ejection seat, but the pilot of the front seat died with no possible escape.Recently, China network Japanese version (China net) was reported, “despite the lack of relationship with the Chinese military, and touted it, accidents are going Kenaso China domestic fighter Western media,” said.The following article from the same.

Design is new, attention J-20 at home and abroad if say domestic fighter as “new soldiers” neat “Hihyo” must be a “large senior”.

I started the research and development during the 20th century late, “Hihyo” began equipped troops in the 1990s.About 20 meters in length, about 6 meters in height, in a series arrangement, pilot, weapons pilots sit in the rear seat to the front seat seat.In addition to 2 groups made Rolls-Royce Spey WS-9 turbofan engine is mounted, it is equipped with a 2 gate 23mm cannon, it can be mounted air-to-air, anti-ship missile also.Rhumb long, power is strong, I am with good low-altitude flight performance.

It’s also domestic fighter China it is possible to have a thermal control system, advanced to attack the exact target in the sea and the ground, there is also air fighting ability of certain was independently developed.First, Hihyo “was equipped with the Chinese naval aviation soldiers.Not only enhanced the control and capabilities inshore cruising Chinese navy, was also strengthened deterrent naval whole.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, “Hihyo” began equipped with a China Air Force.8 aircraft of China Air Force affiliation “Hihyo” fighter in 2007, participated in the “Peace Mission 2007” Churo Union military exercises across the border for the first time, a variety of flight, was gone splendidly missile bombing mission.It gained acclaim in the new figure has emerged in the review of the troops of the National Day of 2009 is “Hihyo”.In the eyes of the West, the new “Hihyo” was reflected in the China Air Force as a “combat force multiplier”.

With that it was equipped with a China Air Force and Naval Air China soldiers, “Hihyo” became also serves as a use in the air and sea, and fighter-class strong resistance.It not only promoted the innovation of tactics and tactics, “Hihyo” was also renewed strategy model and strategy philosophy.

After the establishment of the November 11, 1949, China Air Force has continued to face a “severe situation aerial strategy”.For a long time, “to protect the sky” primary mission of China Air Force was that, but in the battlefield of modernization, we Air Force not only air superiority mission, also attack missions against ground, unless play a leading role even naughty.

Compared to Western countries, turnout is slow, there is a blank period of development through historical problem China Air Force.Therefore, over a long period of time, it lacked the modernization attack potential advanced.Was fill the blank was “Hihyo” fighter.Went empowered gradually “Hihyo” fighter was changed to “air-ground two yuan” on the “dogfight centralize” the air combat force of China.It can be said that “Hihyo” fighter and innovative equipment indelible achievements.(Owari editors: Yonehara Yuko)